Zombie University
Zombie university
Season 1, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date 10/31/11
Written by D. Righta
Directed by A. di Rektour
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Jigsaw Puzzle Mario and Fafa play Left 4 Dead
"Zombie University" is the Halloween special of The Glove and Boots Blog, as well as episode 12 of season 1.


Mario and Fafa explain the fundamentals of Zombie survival.[1]


The video starts with a red parental advisory screen rated PG for Puppet Gore.

Mario is boarding up the window, and Fafa questions why,


  • Zombie says "brains" in the following languages: English, Swedish, French, Chinese, Albanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Latin, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Hungarian, and in the Sign Language, respectively.
  • Mario's legs are shown for the second time, with the first time being "Polyphonic Spree - Hold Me Now" from back earlier.
  • There are references to the following things:
    • 0:11 - Army of Darkness
    • 2:37 - Night of the Living Dead
    • 2:55 - Shaun of the Dead
    • 4:31 - The Goon
    • 4:56 - Evil Dead 2
    • 6:00 - Left 4 Dead
    • 6:04 - Dawn of the Dead
  • The references in Advanced Zombie Theory include
    • Zombie Baby ()
    • Clown Zombie ()
    • Cartoon Zombie ()
    • Rockin' Zombie ()
    • Dancing Zombies (Thriller by Michael Jackson)
    • Zombie Candy
  • The place where the picture is usually shown is replaced with a moose head.