The Clapper Is The 9th Episode Of The 7th Season Of Glove And Boots, This is One Of The Most Highest Rated Episodes Ever Made In The Series Due To Gorilla Slapping The Clapper In Mario's Face, Which Is Cut In The UK version.

Air Date; August 25 2017 [USA] August 20 2017 [Australia] August 19 2017 [UK] [both aired on TV]

Plot; Mario And Fafa Found The Crapiest Product You Can Ever Buy Off Of Tv [The clapper] It Didn't Work for Fafa, It didn't work for Mario Either, But At Least It Worked For Gorilla. Fafa Talks About The Clapper, The Next Clip Is showing Gorilla trying to watch a movie on TV But The Clapper turns it off And The Clapper Turns The Light On While Mario's Sleeping. Gorilla is now on the computer But The Clapper turns it off. Fafa Says That You Should never use the clapper. Gorilla Slaps Mario With The Clapper Making him Painfully Exclaim.