Four Things We Found At The Dollar Store Is The 24th Episode Of The 6th Season Of Glove And Boots And The 7778th Episode Overall

Air Date; July 30, 2016 [TV]

Previous episode;

ronco rotisserie oven

Next Episode;

Ethnic Meal Time

[Season 6 Finale]

Plot; Fafa And Mario Talk About Last Week's Episode It Was The Ronco

RotissserieOven The Episode Cuts To A Chicken Rolling In The Oven

Mario Said That It Costs 118 Dollars

It Was So Greasy That They Both Put It In The Public Trashcan

They're going to the dollar Store This Episode

The Title Than Appears

Mario Says He Hates Dollars Store's Because Of The Smell

Random Stuff Are In Front Of Them

Fafa Says It Costs Like 7 Dollars

The Number Seven Then Zooms In

The First Product To Test Is

The Red Solo Cup

Mario Thinks Making Towers And Knocking Them Down Is A Good Idea, The ''CRAPPY'' Cups Won, SuperHero Action Figures Are Tested, Mario Wanted SpiderMan, Other Random Stuff Gets Tested untill The Episode Ends

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