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Fafa, at rest
Vital statistics
Position Blogger
Age 25
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 12x2 inches
Weight 20 grams
"Did you say ... Blog? BLAAAAAAAAHG!!!" - Fafa, "Pee-Wee Herman Blog"

Fafa the Groundhog is one of the main characters of Glove and Boots.

Fafa is a polite and happy groundhog. He can be a little forgetful, but he never forgets to be nice. Fafa has a creative personality. He is always ready to help by lending a hand, singing along, or giving the spotlight to a friend. Fafa and his best friend Mario are the two main puppets of Glove and Boots. He sometimes gets annoyed by Hanzi in "Amazing Product Infomercial". He has a toad named Johnny T for a cousin. He is good friends is Mario and Johnny T.


One of Fafa's first jobs was a street performer on the streets of NYC. Fafa built a Time Machine in the video with the same name and for some reason his time clones came with him. He also started a "Back to School Boot Camp" for the kids.


  • Almost every episode of Glove and Boots.


Fun FactsEdit

  • Favorite Place: The Zoo
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Food: Ice Cream
  • Favorite Game: Baseball
  • Favorite Actor: Bill Murray
  • Favorite Number: 5
  • Favorite Hockey Team: New York Rangers (According to G&B Gaming)


  • Fafa invited Bill Murray to a party in "Translate This Blog".
  • Fafa first met Mario on the streets of NYC.

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