Ethnic Meal Time Is The 25th Episode Of The 6th Season Of Glove And Boots And The 4678th Episode Overall

Air Date; August 3 2016 [Youtube]

August 10 2016 [TV]

Previous episode; Four Things We Found At The Dollar Store

Next Episode; Runner Vs Non-Runner [Season 7]

Plot; The Episode Starts With Fafa Saying ''we're cooking a multi-courtural mealtoday''

Mario Wants Food From Other

Countries in the same delicious Bite

The Product Testing Starts with the vegetti, Which Makes Pasta Out of Vegetables

gorilla sticks a zucchni

in the blades And Rolls It.

Mario Than Complains why

the sushi bazooka has SUSHEZI written on the front


fafa says ''SUSHEZI is Short For Bazooka in Japanese''

Mario Tells Everyone That Fafa Went To The ''Big Scary'' Asian SuperMarket

In Their Neighbourhood

Fafa Just Brought Some Shark Balls

Gorilla Makes A Rainbow Roll

Zack Tries It

Mario Asks ''Is It Disgusting Is It The Worst''

Zack Tries Another Sushi Roll

A Random Cake Pop Maker Is Then Tested

The Episode Ends With Fafa Saying Zack Can Have All The''Shark'' Cake Pops

And Mario Saying ''No I WANT THOSE''

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